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Media releases
SAUTER Vision Center 8.1: Focus on security and ease of use
The latest version of SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) combines BACnet/SC Hub, 2-factor...
7 February 2024
Media releases
Mobile Building Services 3.0 with indoor navigation
SAUTER Mobile Building Services 3.0 not only includes room operation and booking...
29 January 2024
Media releases
SAUTER BACnet/SC-Router receives BACnet Conformance Certificate
The BACnet router modu630-RT has been BTL-certified. This certification underscores SAUTER’s commitment...
16 January 2024
Media releases
SAUTER Switzerland is exhibiting at Swissbau 2024
SAUTER is pleased to announce its participation in the Swissbau 2024 trade...
11 December 2023
Media releases
Product Introduction: Smart Sensor viaSens
Real-time room climate monitoring, communication and status signaling in a single device:...
27 October 2023
Media releases
modulo 6 firmware version 2.0 for cyber security in building automation
SAUTER uses the latest IT standards for data protection and information security...
15 August 2023
Media releases
Update for smart building management with SAUTER Vision Center 8.0
SAUTER Vision Center provides comprehensive building, energy and maintenance management with outstanding...
14 June 2023
Media releases
New models in the SAUTER BIM library
Since BIM (Building Information Modelling) was introduced, it has become the standard...
23 May 2023
Media releases
BACnet/SC: Secure data communication for buildings
Property owners and IT managers have one concern in common: OT communication...
4 April 2023
Media releases
BACnet certification for Smart Actuator
The Smart Actuator has received the BACnet certification as B-ASC (Application-Specific Controller)....
15 December 2022
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