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Valve Calculation

Use SAUTER’s tools for sizing and selecting valves any way and at any time you like.

VALVEDIM: For sizing valves and choosing valves and drives


A mobile app, a PC tool, and a valve slide-rule help you find the ideal valve and the right actuator for your application.


CASE ValveDim App

With the new SAUTER CASE ValveDim App you hold the complete SAUTER product range of valves and actuators in your hand.

This enables you to determine which valve and actuator are best for your application and make your selection – even offline!


Product selection

In the SAUTER CASE ValveDim app, filters are used to select the desired features of the valve, such as application area, valve type, connection type or desired nominal width. Narrow the selection further using flow rate and differential pressure.

By selecting a characteristic, the number of available products is automatically calculated and displayed.

Afterwards, or alternatively, select the actuator best suited for the application.

In the actuator section you can filter “Control Signal” and “Power Supply”. The results are conveniently arranged in product types.

My project

All actuators and valves required for a project can be saved in a project list with information on project and customer names, company, building and floor as well as date and time. Up to 20 valve/actuator combinations can be stored per project.


For easy collaboration with your business partners individual products from the favourites list or entire project lists can be shared by sending a direct link via e-mail or messenger, for example.

If the recipient has installed the CASE ValveDim app, the information is transferred directly to the app and lists can be further processed.

Product combinations can be shared with customers or colleagues as project tables in PDF format via hyperlink and  e-mail or message.

In addition, all product combinations saved in the project can be output as a project table in PDF format and shared with your customers or colleagues directly from the mobile device, for example by e-mail or messenger.

Valve design type

The product selection can be further narrowed down by using the valve design type. After entering the desired flow rate and differential pressure, or by calculating the desired heat exchanger capacity, the valve can be selected using the calculated kv value. This means that only those valves are displayed which have either 2 kvs values less or 1 kvs value greater than the calculated kv value. By simultaneously displaying the calculated differential pressure, the correct valve for your application can be selected.

The calculations use water as the heat transfer medium (rho at 20 °C: 0.9982067 g·cm−3).

My favourites

The most frequently used products can be added to the favourites via the star symbol and easily accessed again via the Favourites list.

The valve/actuator combination or the individual product can be added to the favourites or a project.


Further information on the valves and actuators can be found on the on the SAUTER website.

Click on the globe symbol on the right-hand edge of the screen to jump directly to the applicable product page on the SAUTER website. Here you will find the associated product documentation such as product data sheets, installation instructions, brochures or the material and environmental declaration.

CASE ValveDim PC Software

SAUTER provides installers and project engineers with its SAUTER VALVEDIM PC software as a proven tool for convenient valve and actuator selection. The tool comprises three functional levels:

  1. Valve and actuator determination
    • on the basis of guideline values to roughly determine the required designs and sizes;
    • on the basis of existing or required system values to definitively determine the required designs and sizes.
  2. Selection of the valve and the appropriate actuator based on characteristics.
  3. Direct transfer of the results into the project documentation

Valvedim can be downloaded from the Case Suite product page in the Software section.

CASE ValveDim slide rule




With SAUTER’s ValveDim valve calculator you can quickly and easily determine your desired valve and actuator combination online. The application runs directly in your browser window without additional installation.

Use CASE ValveDim online

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