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Cultural establishments

To preserve cultural treasures such as paintings, the air humidity and room temperature must be regulated precisely. To deal with the often spontaneous inrushes of visitors in theatres or museums, experience, the latest SAUTER technologies and practical know-how are decisive for the room climate. See for yourself.

Museo de Colecciones Reales in Madrid: A modern palace for the royal treasures of Spain

  • In total the museum comprises 14 levels above and below ground with public foyers, storage rooms for art objects, delivery areas and office and construction spaces with an exhibition area of 50,000 m²
  • Sustainability and reliability are an absolute must for any museum


City Theatre, Solothurn: High tech behind the scenes at Switzerland’s oldest baroque theatre

  • Access via touch-panel to moduWeb Vision, and from there directly to the heating and ventilation
  • Sustainability and reliability are an absolute must for any museum





Johanniskirche church in Zittau: Wireless and remote operation protecting historic site

  • From the year 1291
  • Monitoring, control and regulation of the heating systems with EY-modulo 5
  • Above all, the sensitive building structure and priceless works of art had to be protected from sudden temperature changes.
  • Modern solutions such as EnOcean wireless components and web technology protect the valuable structure of the church.


Crystal Park in Luxembourg: BREEAM building for an ecological showcase city district in Luxembourg

  • Awarded the BREEAM “excellent” seal of quality
  • Areas used for different purposes are combined over six stories: Office spaces for around 2,600 employees, meeting places, a company restaurant,an auditorium for 200 people, a sports hall and a bar
  • EMS for energy recovery
  • Natural light and heat used optimally thanks to SAUTER novaPro Open


Royal Opera House in London (U.K.): Renewed technologies for the Royal Opera House in London

  • The most important British opera house today was built in 1732, burned down twice and was last restored in 1858
  • Continuous new features and extensions with SAUTER technologies



Central Depository of the National Library in Prague (Czech Republic): One of the most valuable libraries worldwide

  • Currently over 6.5 million literary works that need to be protected against deterioration due to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • 29 modu525 for heating, cooling and humidity control
  • SAUTER Vision Center to prevent ambient fluctuations



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