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Applications for building management
and room control in the Cloud

SAUTER has created hardware and software attuned to the potential of cloud computing. And our digital journey continues: More and more services will be accessible via the SAUTER Cloud, creating an all-encompassing digital encounter for our customers.

SAUTER Cloud Topology

SAUTER Cloud Applications

Mobile Building Services

SAUTER MBS is used in numerous applications for buildings and premises. In combination with the Mobile Room Control (MRC) app for smartphones and tablets, it is used to control room conditioning in residential, hotel and office buildings.

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Vision Services

Discover the comprehensive, powerful modules from the SAUTER Cloud for energy monitoring, building management and energy management and analytics. Thanks to the centralised approach of cloud operation the latest functions and extensions are always available, with no need for time-consuming installations and migrations.

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SAUTER Digital Services

SAUTER Digital Services include the three cloud-based applications Remote Management, Customer Portal and Performance Management.

Building IoT with SAUTER Cloud Connector

With ecos-IoT the room automation can use information directly from the cloud to optimise the regulation. The communication is via the IoT protocol MQTT. However, information from the BACnet network can also be published in the cloud via MQTT.

The MQTT Broker function is also optionally available on the ecos for data exchange with other MQTT devices. The communication via MQTT is encrypted with TLS.

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Predictive Maintenance with the Smart Actuator

The intelligent Smart Actuator combines the functions of an actuator, a controller and cloud integration to allow autonomous control of a wide range of applications. As an IoT device, the actuator continuously records the status of the system and transmits this data to the SAUTER Cloud.

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