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SAUTER Vision Center

Universal building management – easy and future-proof.

Web-based system for a holistic building, energy and maintenance management



Integral solution

SAUTER Vision Center is a modular all-rounder for modern facility management. The integration of specialised auxiliary modules enables it to be used for a vast range of building tasks combining:

  • Building management
  • Room management
  • Energy management
  • Maintenance management

SAUTER Vision Center is suitable for buildings of all types – from a single building to dispersed premises, and large-scale projects. It is also suitable for every purpose of the building, ensuring optimum climatic conditions and increased room comfort in office and administrative buildings, university campuses, research institutes, hospitals, or production facilities while maintaining or even reducing operating costs.

Easy to operate

As a web-based building management solution in the HTML5 standard, SAUTER Vision Center can be used with any operating system and therefore practically every internet browser. It is not necessary to install additional apps or plug-ins.

HTML5 logo with red shield

SVC’s browser operation enables to conveniently call up all information and make adjustments remotely. And it guarantees flexible and location-independent access on all conventional end devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Personalised dashboards and topic-specific navigation give an overview of all relevant information. User-specific evaluations deliver precise insights supporting owners, property managers, and users in optimising building operations.

With SAUTER Vision Center’s flexible room automation adjusting room size or large room segments takes just a few clicks instead of complex configurations.

The Scenario Manager makes it easy to plan and execute recurring events or actions for all functions within a building. An event organiser, for example, can define and time optimum room comfort in his conference and meeting rooms in the settings. Planning of multiple events and different time periods can be defined in a calendar similar to Outlook.

At home in all buildings

Energy-efficient office buildings, schools and campuses
Intelligent buildings create working and learning environments that are more reliable, safer, more productive and more comfortable whilst at the same time increasing resource efficiency. SAUTER Vision Center provides you with a total overview in order to optimise performance, operating efficiency and ROI over the entire life cycle of the building.

Reliability in industrial and production buildings
SAUTER Vision Center centrally combines the systems, processes and energy consumption within a plant in order to provide early detection of non-conformity in critical set-ups and to correct them. Gap-free data recording allows ambient conditions, operating parameters and user interventions in production processes to be called up and traced at all times.

Compliance for hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical installations
SAUTER Vision Center fulfils the safety requirements for a building and energy management system in the life science and food industry. The system fulfils the requirements of FDA CFR 21 part 11 and can be validated accordingly.

Technical safety in airports and train stations
The convergence of air-side, terminal-side and land-side systems for building automation makes great demands on the central management system. SAUTER Vision Center helps the operators of transport hubs to ensure availability, energy efficiency and comfort in environments with high numbers of visitors.

Maximum efficiency

An integral building and energy management that is geared towards sustainability provides decisive advantages: You get more comfort, reliability, and increased availability for your installation, with a smaller amount of effort. SAUTER Vision Center significantly simplifies your processes and meets user requirements cost-effectively. It can identify the potential for improvement enabling optimum performance and the highest level of comfort for all rooms used.

With its standardised interfaces and thus its flexible, open design, SAUTER Vision Center is easily integrated into company processes and work procedures and makes them more effective with shorter response times.

Investment protection

Due to the support of standards such as BACnet and OPC as well as flexible possibilities for extension, SAUTER Vision Center offers a total investment protection. The global BACnet Cross Domain-Certification B-XAWS Revision 1.18 enables integration of additional buildings with differing building automation systems and providers into the superordinate building management system now and in the future.

To be able to offer customers a complete solution, there’s an IoT client that supports the connection of further room controllers and automation stations via MQTT. TLS encryption ensures secured communication between decentrally distributed automation stations, for example to connect SAUTER ecos or modulo 6 stations via the internet to a cloud-based SVC.
A cloud connector is also available for using applications from the SAUTER Cloud, such as Mobile Building Service with SAUTER Vision Center. In this way, the higher-level building automation merges with applications from the SAUTER Cloud

Even prior SAUTER systems can benefit from the advantages offered by the modern building automation software by means of the novaNet OPC server. Thus, it facilitates plannable and successive migration of building systems to the SAUTER Vision Center central building management.

logos of standards bacnet mqtt opc

Security & Compliance

The importance of increased security is particularly high for systems available via the internet. For life sciences facilities, further compliance requirements according to FDA and GMP are added to these requirements.

Not only basic functionalities such as HTTPS and extended login and password security functions, but also a detailed audit trail in which all user-specific activities are displayed and stored help provide security. In addition, individual validation reports can be generated and saved as a secure PDF, including comments and a timestamp, as well as user information.

A further function adding security when changing figures and settings of plants is the mandatory re-entry of login, password, and a comment. This ensures, for example, that temperature or humidity in laboratories cannot be inadvertently modified. For facilities that require FDA conformity SAUTER provides extra functions and a 21 CFR11 compliance statement.


SAUTER Vision Center 8.1: Focus on security and ease of use

Update for smart building management with SAUTER Vision Center 8.0

BACnet/SC: Secure data communication for buildings

Powerful, efficient energy and building management in the cloud



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