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Room temperature controller


Room temperature controllers are part of the SAUTER room automation stations and room controllers. They take over the controlling of the air conditioning system. Integrated room temperature sensors compare the actually measured room temperature with the defined setpoints and adjust the temperatures to the demand by heating or cooling. Combined with individual lighting control and sun protection, the room temperature controller ensures an optimum room climate while considering energy consumption. Energy consumption is optimised by, among other things, window contact monitoring, light and blind control, ventilation on demand, fan step switching, presence function and time-dependent setpoint setting.

Digital or mechanical room thermostat

At SAUTER, you will find room thermostats which function digitally or mechanically. Individual room control is already possible with simple mechanical room thermostats. A digital room thermostat offers more comfort and additonal setting options with more functions. This enables greater energy savings. Regardless of whether the room temperature controller works on a digital or mechanical basis – the desired room temperature can always be set to the exact degree, thus ensuring a comfortable room climate.

Room thermostat surface-mounted or flush-mounted

SAUTER’s range includes both surface-mounted and flush-mounted room thermostats. The surface-mounted room thermostats are mainly used for subsequent installations/modernisations. Flush-mounted room temperature controllers are often used in new buildings. The room thermostats differ only in appearance and are available in digital and mechanical surface-mounted or flush-mounted versions.


Especially in industry or retail, rooms and buildings must meet special requirements. SAUTER room automation and building automation make it possible to satisfy individual requirements. SAUTER systems can also be used in the fields of education, health or logistics.

SAUTER’s room automation station can be easily integrated into the building management system via BACnet/IP with Ethernet interface.

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