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SAUTER is your partner for comfort and energy efficiency in buildings

SAUTER’s project expertise is no coincidence. Through the efficient and successful completion of countless small and large projects, we have gained invaluable knowledge of the building automation sector in over 100 years of company history.

Proven work processes developed over many years of practical experience provide you with the highest level of planning security and guarantee efficient project realisation.

Group-wide expertise and experience from more than 2,000 projects every year

  • Efficient regulation and control of all technical systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and sunshading
  • Intelligent control for optimised energy consumption and cost savings
  • Operational management, centralised monitoring and rapid error detection to improve operations

  • Achieving sustainability targets and minimising environmental footprint
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing use of buildings
  • Increased security through continuous process monitoring and data analysis
  • Saving time and increasing efficiency for facility management teams

  • Using IoT (Internet of Things) and data analysis for optimised decision-making
  • Increased comfort for building users through automated processes and personalised settings
  • Improved building service life and investment protection through preventive maintenance and diagnostic functions

Achieve statutory energy efficiency and green building certification with SAUTER

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) specifies measures to reduce energy consumption (further information: EPBD BACS compliance checklist). This includes the installation of building automation systems for large commercial buildings.

Certifications make the sustainability of a building measurable and visible and are indispensable in international building portfolios. The awards guarantee high resource efficiency in energy, water and materials. Thanks to better ventilation and lighting, Green Buildings users can achieve increased productivity and thus profitable land management.

With SAUTER building automation systems, our expertise and experience from numerous international reference projects, we enable successful certification.


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