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Buildings create space to live, work, learn, for leisure and much more. Depending on how a building is used, people have individual preferences when it comes to room temperature, ventilation, and lighting. SAUTER’s smart building automation ensures an optimal room climate with automatic control, optimisation, monitoring and regulation.


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Focus topics
Avoid unhealthy, toxic breathing with the CO₂ traffic light
Good air means a good learning atmosphere for students and teachers We...
17 December 2020
Focus topics
How to be efficient and safe with Smart Cleaning
COVID-compliant cleaning of buildings using smart sensor technology and digital modules from...
17 December 2020
Media releases
New EnOcean wireless room units for smart room automation
Old building standards, state-of-the-art glass architecture or rooms that remain dark for...
11 December 2020
Media releases
ecos504/505 room automation stations now with M-Bus interface
A comfortable room climate with minimum energy consumption – this is the...
7 October 2020
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