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Mobile Building Services 3.0 with indoor navigation

29 January 2024 | Media releases

Mobile Building Services 3.0 with indoor navigation

SAUTER Mobile Building Services 3.0 not only includes room operation and booking but now also indoor navigation, all in a single mobile room control app.


Mobile Building Services (MBS) from SAUTER play a key role in providing a digital user experience in all kinds of buildings, such as office and industrial buildings, educational institutions, public buildings, hospitals and universities. The solution not only offers individual room operation including scenarios and time program settings but also secure and uncomplicated authorisation management by building operators or administrators. The functions are completed by options for reserving rooms or workstations, equipment and parking spaces.

The new version of the app (Mobile Room Control) includes an indoor navigation function known as RTLS (Real Time Localisation Service). This function can be used to find rooms or other destinations in the building directly in the navigation view. Indoor navigation takes app users directly to selected destinations in the building using iBeacon technology. In addition, people invited to a meeting can be guided directly to the meeting room using indoor navigation and this is possible not only for employees but also for visitors, who are automatically sent guest access.

iBeacon localisation for buildings of all types

The Smart Sensor viaSens, for example, can be used for iBeacon localisation. The signal from the integrated beacon enables localisation by the smartphone in the building, allowing selective operation of rooms or of the room segments typically found in open-plan offices.

An app for flexible building use

In the background, MBS are linked to the local building management system, through which the utilisation of rooms and workstations can be viewed at any time. This allows demand-oriented management and optimisation of room utilisation. In addition, predefined scenarios ensure convenience and energy efficiency, in particular by directly linking reservation times to corresponding scenarios.

Mobile Building Services from SAUTER assist end users in digital processes related to office buildings, apartments or hotels – at any time, from anywhere.

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