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Integrated Room Automation

User-friendly, efficient and economical

Overall solution from a single source for room climate, lighting and sunshading

SAUTER combines all functions of building and room automation with a higher-level building and energy management system, thus guaranteeing optimised, flexible and energy-efficient operation of your property. SAUTER’s integrated room automation controls not only the room climate, but also lighting and sunshading. Individual daily programmes and the monitoring of room occupancy ensure minimum energy consumption with maximum comfort.

Benefits for your property:

  • Health and comfort
  • Intuitive operation
  • Flexible room utilisation and division
  • Energy and cost controlling

Health & comfort

SAUTER’s room automation solutions provide users with clean air, comfortable temperature and optimum lighting conditions. The technology thus meets the high criteria of the WELL Building Standard.


Open, standardised communication and end-to-end networking from the field level to cloud services for extended Digital Services – making smart spaces and intelligent working environments a reality.


Prepare the room utilisation for changes: Integrated room automation supports flexible room concepts at the click of a mouse via the Building and Energy Management System.

Energy & cost efficiency

Intelligent room automation optimises operating costs. Only effective usage determines the energy input.

Room operation

The open operating concept fulfils users’ expectations. Whether regulated with built-in room operating units or individually controlled via app on mobile devices, all channels are open.

Room operating units



You also have the possibility to
integrate cloud-based voice assistants.




The key to integrated room automation

The ecos room automation station from the SAUTER modulo system family is the centrepiece of open, modular room automation. The ecos room automation is compatible and expandable, and thus a secure investment. This makes it ideal for both new and existing buildings.

Controllers and I/O modules

Successful cooperation

To guarantee smooth workflows during the installation and commissioning of integrated room automation, we provide our partners with everything they need:

  • For planners we provide an end-to-end project planning and execution, from field level with sensors and actuators to automation level with controllers and automation stations, to the management and operating level with cloud integration.
  • For architects we provide a wide range of design variants, open interfaces, and a high degree of flexibility in room layout thanks to room segmentation without any programming effort.
  • For system integrators we provide know-how via knowledge libraries and enable flexibility thanks to modular solutions.

The SAUTER functional triangle of room automation

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