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Room automation

Ideal room climate and energy efficiency: integrated, modular, open.

Optimum indoor climate and energy efficiency: integrated, modular, open.

Room automation is a part of the building automation. “Integrated room automation” refers to the control of room climate, lighting and sun protection. On the one hand, this integration’s advantages lie in the simplified operation by the user and, on the other hand, in significant improvements in energy efficiency. A room controller or a room automation station guarantee minimum energy consumption, they are responsible for sun protection and lighting and regulate the room temperature. The room thermostat controls the air conditioning system and ensures a comfortable temperature, depending on the current occupancy and external influences such as sunlight and outside temperature.

With our solutions for room automation, we cover all the customer’s requirements for pleasant working spaces and functional rooms. Not only do we ensure an automatically optimised room climate, we also offer simple room operation. With the local room control, the user can intervene at any time and adjust the room climate to his wishes. The open communication allows full control with a Building Management System. SAUTER solutions are therefore always functional, flexible, and efficient.


Room climate

The flexibility of SAUTER room automation creates optimum conditions for every room. Be it office building, hotel, hospital, shopping centre, school or museum: SAUTER adapts room automation individually to the use of space by each customer and each construction project.

Raumautomationsdreieck, Integrierte Raumautomation
Room automation, room temperature control, lighting control, blinds control

This results in a holistic and tailor-made solution for integrating the indoor climate, lighting, and sun protection. Room automation can be seamlessly integrated into system automation and building management. In accordance with The potential of the EN 15232 standard, the potential of energy efficient buildings is used to reduce operating costs and at the same time achieve maximum comfort and enable efficient work in the room. This can be operated via a room control unit or smartphone.


Companies and their office buildings are subject to constant change: an open space office becomes an individual or group office, partitions are erected or removed. SAUTER Room Automation supports flexible room by use of the concept of modular room segments (moving wall). A building or an office floor is divided into segments (e.g. one window width) and automated accordingly. Depending on the use of space, these room segments can be combined to form rooms with a consolidated control of temperature, lighting, glare shield, and solar shading.

With this concept, the room layout of all integrated systems can be changed simply with only one click via the Building Management System (BEMS) – quickly, cost-effectively and without interrupting operations. This ensures full flexibility in room layout.


SAUTER’s smart room management is extremely adaptable and efficient thanks to smart control and flexible room layout. It covers the latest requirements regarding room automation (e.g. guideline VDI 3813), and saves energy and costs when operating buildings in accordance with the EN 15232 standard.

Integrated room automation massively reduces a building’s energy consumption as well as operating costs, while at the same time increasing user comfort. In addition to the room climate (heating, ventilation, cooling), SAUTER also considers lighting or solar shading as important components in integrated room automation.

SAUTER Room Automation delivers according to the respective functional requirements. All functions of the room can be integrated in a single room controller and all the trades can be operated or controlled from a single room control unit. SAUTER Room Automation thus equips buildings for higher energy efficiency classes and greater user comfort.



Solar protection

An automatic control of sun shading is absolutely necessary, especially in modern buildings with large glass surfaces. By simply closing of the sun shading in strong sunlight the building is protected from overheating, however, it leads to darkened workspaces with artificial light. Comfort can be created when the room user is not blinded by the sun at his workplace, can make maximum use of the available daylight while at the same time maintains visual contact with the outside world. This can be optimally achieved with a sun position-guided control of the sun shading system. In addition, the use of presence-dependent constant light control ensures appropriate lighting with minimum energy consumption – and conveys safety.


In addition to controlling the indoor climate with heating, cooling, and ventilation, lighting plays a very important role. With SAUTER room controllers, lighting can be seamlessly integrated into room control and central visualisation in the Building Management System (BEMS). Thus, the technical service always has an overview of all parameters in the room, corridors or buildings and can react quickly to fault messages such as defective lamps.

Operating devices

The design ranges from modern to classic, from cheeky and colourful to simply elegant. This is why SAUTER’s various room control units can be easily integrated into the interior by integrating them into the frames of various light switch ranges, and through individual labelling and colour design. From a simple turning knob for room temperature to touch panel, the device product lines are available in various functions and designs.

Touch Raumbediengerät EY-RU365               


This is how we achieve two goals:

  1. Comfort in terms of a pleasant indoor climate

  • Increased productivity thanks to glare-free lighting providing a high proportion of natural daylight
  • High room air quality through demand-based room air regulation
  • Customised indoor climate, adapted to individual needs as a result of local room operation
  1. Energy efficiency due to minimum use of energy

  • Automatic calculation of the optimal energy input and modulation of energy production
  • Restorable default values or individual user settings

Our flexibility goes even further: we offer room operating units and room sensors in a wide range of design variants adapted to the switches and sockets of various manufacturers. This way you always get the solution that suits you both functionally and aesthetically.

We also have open interfaces for the integration of high-end touch solutions for room operation in special rooms such as auditoriums, luxury villas, research laboratories, and open-plan offices.

Successful cooperation

To guarantee smooth workflows during the installation and commissioning of integrated room automation, we provide our partners with everything they need:

  •  For planners we provide an end-to-end project planning and execution, from field level with sensors and actuators to automation level with controllers and automation stations, to the management and operating level with cloud integration.
  • For architects we provide a wide range of design variants, open interfaces, and a high degree of flexibility in room layout thanks to room segmentation with SAUTER 1+1=1 without any programming effort.
  • For system integrators we provide know-how via knowledge libraries and enable flexibility thanks to modular solutions.

Room automation can be seamlessly integrated into plant automation and building management. In this way, the potential of a building’s energy efficiency in accordance with the EN 15232 standard helps reduce operating costs while achieving maximum user satisfaction and an efficient working environment.

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