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Product catalogue

SAUTER Product catalogue

The SAUTER catalogue leads you quickly to the right information and enables you to order products more easily. The catalogue has been laid out more clearly and logically, providing you with a better overview of the whole SAUTER product range. The various products are listed clearly in tables, which facilitates comparisons and makes it easier to find the right model for your particular requirements.

Catalogue 2022


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SAUTER Product catalogue eBook

Download eBook in ePUB format

Open the ePUB format in an eBook Reader (e.g. iOS “iBooks”) or directly in your browser after installing an extension (e.g. “Simple EPUB Reader” in Google Chrome).

The free eBook has a clear design, intuitive user guidance and practical functions.
For example, the search in the eBook allows you to find what you’re looking for in seconds using keywords or text passages. You can enter your own note anywhere and mark any place that you want. Or adjust the typeface and font size of the catalogue to your needs.

The navigation in the eBook is intuitive. You can jump to any chapter by clicking the symbol next to the product name. Use the arrows to go to the relevant product. The back arrow simply returns you to your starting position.

If you are online, you can open the SAUTER website by clicking the logo in the catalogue.


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