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SAUTER Vision Center 6.3 now available worldwide

27 March 2020 | Media releases

SAUTER Vision Center 6.3 now available worldwide

The latest version of SAUTER’s building management system opens up new possibilities for energy and building management. This includes a new chart module with various chart types and display options. In addition, there is the new master schedule and the use of collective alarms. As part of a complete solution, other SAUTER devices can also be recorded and listed in the cloud via MQTT. The new features are complimented by the support of the latest BACnet standard – and full compliance with the new B-XAWS certification is guaranteed.


SAUTER Vision Center Logo

Proven building management system reaches next level

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) is a web-based system in the HTML5 standard for running and visualising building operation independently of a location or a system. In addition to comprehensive building management functions, this also includes energy and maintenance management. The latest update fulfils increasing user requirements as well as higher operational security demands.

Expansion of the data visualisation in the energy management

The navigation area of the system consists of four categories: “Favourites”, “Building structure”, “Energy management” and “Individual views”. In the energy area, meter data from buildings is converted directly into consumption values. To benefit from the flexibility of the SVC modules in the energy sector, the chart and dashboard modules are now also available here.

The new chart module, which can now be used in all areas of SVC, offers numerous options for data visualisation:

  • Online view during configuration
  • Line, bar and pie charts in one screen
  • Direct transfer of quick charts to a chart document
  • Chart layouts with multiple charts in one document
  • Additionally definable Y-axes, X-axes and descriptions
  • Creation of larger quantities of charts (“Bulk Charts Creation”)


SAUTER Vision Center Energy Management
User example: Typical view in the energy management with consumption data over different time periods

State-of-the-art device and building communication

To be able to offer customers a complete solution, SAUTER Vision Center 6.3 has an IoT client that supports the connection of further devices, such as the SAUTER ecos and modulo 6 room automation stations, via the MQTT protocol. This is an important feature facilitating central data collection in cloud applications. Extensions of the user management in connection with the IoT client provide a further secured network connection between local systems and the central SVC. This is the basis for using Vision Services, a SAUTER cloud application.

BACnet certification

SAUTER Vision Center has been certified since 2017 as a BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B AWS) and the new version fulfils all of the certification criteria for the BACnet protocol revision 1.18. The system also supports various other device profiles (B-ALWS, B-AACWS, B-OWS, B-OD). A completely new addition is the B-XAWS certificate, which enables the integration of further parts of the building into a single, central energy and maintenance software.

Security and user-friendliness

One of the essential functions of building management is “notifications”. Notifications ensure efficient system operation, optimum user comfort and building security. For this reason, the collective alarm function has been added to the alarm module. The collective alarm can, for example, combine systems or parts of a property for alarm purposes in order to notify the responsible security or facility management services. In addition, a counter in the collective alarm indicates the number of alarm messages within the group. The master schedule enhances the user-friendliness for the operator.


SAUTER Vision Center 6.3 is available from April 2020. SAUTER customers benefit from regular further developments in the software solutions, from engineering tools to migration and specialist expertise to personal support.
Since its introduction in 2014, SAUTER’s building management solution has already been installed more than 1,900 times worldwide in individual buildings, real estate parks and premises spread over a wide area. The customised service and close collaboration with customers and system partners form the basis for the ongoing further development of SAUTER software solutions.


More information: SAUTER Vision Center product page

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