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SAUTER NRT300: Heating and cooling with just one actuator

1 February 2018 | Media releases

SAUTER NRT300: Heating and cooling with just one actuator

The new SAUTER equiflex NRT300 air-conditioning controller adds even more new facets to the world of room-temperature control. This flexible all-rounder can handle many applications, for both single-room and zone control. 01

Perfect combination with the 6-way ball valve

Perfectly coordinated with the 6-way ball valve, it is a compact, precise solution for controlling heated and chilled ceilings, VAV systems and fan coils in 4-pipe systems, and is ideally suited to control and change-over operations.

The NRT300 covers two important applications. In the first case, it controls via the 6-way ball valve and changes over between the heating and cooling modes. In the second case, the 6-way ball valve works in change-over mode and the required flow rates are controlled in an energy-efficient manner by the pressure-independent multi-function valve.

Everything under control

The new NRT300 is an optimally coordinated room controller with many setting options. It has a push-button for the specific change-over between the normal and set-back modes. The room controller also has inputs for the change-over between the cooling and heating modes, for the normal/set-back mode or window contacts, for dew point monitoring and for shifting the setpoint. The heating/cooling mode and the normal mode are indicated by an LED.

The complete solution

Together with the pressure-independent SAUTER Valveco Compact multi-function valve and the SAUTER 6-way ball valve it makes up an unbeatable team for reliable planning, easy installation and energy efficiency. »

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