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SAUTER ecos505: Integrated room automation for more convenience and efficiency

28 November 2018 | Media releases

SAUTER ecos505: Integrated room automation for more convenience and efficiency

The SAUTER ecos505 room controller guarantees both seamless integration in the building management system and in the automation system of the primary installations. SAUTER thus combines energy consumption and generation and enables demand-controlled regulation of the energy flows.


The SAUTER ecos505 is a freely programmable BACnet building controller (B-BC) and a member of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family. The modularity of the SAUTER integrated room automation provides maximum flexibility. Thus, the room automation solution can be tailored to the specific requirements of every building to achieve maximum comfort for the room users with the minimum use of energy.

Energy-efficient thanks to DALI

The integration of the lighting using DALI is a must if you want to obtain maximum energy efficiency. The built-in DALI interface in the SAUTER ecos505 allows lamps to be integrated with DALI electronic ballasts, presence detectors and light sensors as per the DALI-2 specification for presence-controlled lighting or constant-light control.

Flexibility with EnOcean wireless

The SAUTER ecoMod580 EnOcean wireless interfaces enable up to 8 wireless EnOcean room operating units and sensors to be integrated in an ecos505. When combined with the SAUTER ecoUnit 1 wireless operating units with bidirectional EnOcean technology (SMART ACK) and LCD, the SAUTER ecos505 is ideally suited to the automation of flexible, open room concepts. Window contacts, switches and other EnOcean devices from third-party manufacturers can also be integrated.

Open thanks to Modbus as field bus interface

Now the ecos504/505 also has an RS-485 interface for the “old, familiar” Modbus field bus protocol. With the interface directly on the room automation station, the new SAUTER eValveco UVC102/103 and UVC106 electronic valves for dynamic hydronic balancing can be integrated into the room. The ecos504/505 supports Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII. Thanks to a sophisticated master with a multi-communication parameter mechanism and Modbus access optimisation, the ecos504/505 is also an ideal BACnet/IP gateway for Modbus. Thus, there are countless devices available on the market (e.g. multi-sensors, room operating units or thermostats) that can be used easily with SAUTER room automation.

The programming of the controller with the familiar SAUTER CASE Suite engineering platform provides the optimal flexibility of BACnet/IP, EnOcean, DALI, KNX, SMI, Modbus and M-Bus. »

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