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FXV33* EasySwitch – Reduced energy consumption via flexible set-back

3 December 2019 | Media releases

FXV33* EasySwitch – Reduced energy consumption via flexible set-back

The FXV33* EasySwitch is the electric control distributor from the SAUTER FXV system family that enables energy-efficient use of panel heating systems. The EasySwitch simplifies fitting and commissioning while also impressing with its simple, intuitive installation and operation.

Easier, faster pre-assembly

With the FXV33* EasySwitch, underfloor distributors can be pre-assembled faster and more easily. This is done in just two steps, without any time-consuming rewiring:

  1. Convenient connection of room thermostats and thermal actuators
  2. Allocation of rooms using the clever rotary switches

Thanks to the FXV33* EasySwitch from SAUTER, the system can already be pre-assembled in the workshop, simplifying the more complex fitting directly in the field. Thus, during pre-assembly, precise knowledge of the overall plant is no longer required. Thanks to the EasySwitch, rooms can also be allocated retrospectively without a great deal of work.

Twelve rotary switches for individual assignment

EasySwitch – the electric distributor for thermal actuators for unit valves in room heating (underfloor heating) – is installed in the cabinet of the underfloor-heating distributor. It provides the power supply for the connected thermostats and valves, as well as a shared time programme. It forwards the commands of the room controller to the thermal actuators. The twelve rotary switches can be used to assign one or more thermal actuators individually to each room thermostat.
A separate input for the distribution of a shared time programme allows the cross-room changeover to set-back mode. The time programme can be set via an electronic room thermostat (e.g. SAUTER TRA 421) or via an external timer. Alternatively, the input can be used for the changeover between heating and cooling.

Advantages of the EasySwitch

The specific advantages of the FXV33* EasySwitch at a glance:

  • Time saved through pre-wiring
  • Easy assignment of room thermostat to valve actuator via rotary switch
  • Direct overview of the operating status via LED status indicators
  • Room extensions and conversions without rewiring
  • Optional set-back channel or heating/cooling


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