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Webinars – a successful method to share knowledge

16 August 2021 | Focus topics

Webinars – a successful method to share knowledge

It is important for SAUTER to share our knowledge with all partners around the world. Due to travel restrictions limiting us to make face-to-face trainings, online webinars represent a good alternative for trainings. SAUTER webinars are short (max. 1 hour) focusing on one essential product/topic with tools to put these products into operation. Two training programs were launched – one for Europe, North-America, Africa, Middle East and the other for APAC.

The webinars were recorded and published both on the SAUTER File Exchange (SFX) and on the Extranet. The feedback was very good and so we decided to continue our webinars in a 14 days cycle in Europe and on a monthly basis in APAC. If you wish to receive an invitation to upcoming webinars, please contact your SAUTER representative.


Underneath you will find the list of topics already handled in Europe:

27.01.2021         Engineering with CASE Suite – CASE Sun & CASE Builder – Troubleshooting (Part1; Part2)

10.02.2021         Engineering with CASE Suite – CASE Engine & CASE Vision

(Part1_CASE Builder; Part2_CASE Engine 01; Part2_CASE Engine02; Part2_CASE Engine 03; Part3_CASE Engine 04)

24.02.2021         Engineering with CASE Suite – CASE Vision (example with moduWeb Unity – modulo6)

03.03.2021         Webinar – Life Science

24.03.2021          ecos504-IoT (MQTT) – Sauter Cloud Connector / ecos504-IoT

31.03.2021          Sauter Building Data Integrity Manager

05.05.2021         Project migration: novaProOpen to SVC

19.05.2021         Modbus RTU integration using eValveco UVC102/103

23.06.2021         BACnet MS/TP to BACnet IP (ecos311), tips & tricks BACnet MSTP

14.07.2021         Sauter Universal Gateway EY-GT485


In APAC the focus on the trainings were both technical and sales.

Friday Sales Learnday topic list

06.2020         New SAUTER APAC components

07.2020         SAUTER Cloud and Smart Space

08.2020         Select your controller

09.2020         Leverage SAUTER System

10.2020         Leverage SAUTER components

02.2021         SVC 7.0 release with Analytics and Energy Management AEM (with Alexandre Amatori)

04.2021         SAUTER Room Automation capabilities (Part 1: CE engineering; Part 2: CV pictures; Part 3: SVC display)

04.2021         nPO to SVC migration for sales

05.2021         Reactive, Proactive and predictive control

06.2021         EMM vs AEM

07.2021         Connecting 3rd party


Friday Technical Learnday topic list

06.2020         SVC redundancy part 1

07.2020         SVC Redundancy part 2

08.2020         SVC 6.3 new functions

09.2020         SAUTER Magic Gateway

10.2020         SVC database management

01.2021         SAUTER APAC VAV ASV3 configuration and engineering (with Johnny Xie)

04.2021         Data centers requirements + DCIM

04.2021         nPO to SVC migration engineering with the migration tool (with Philippe Huwyller)

05.2021         SAUTER CASE Engine libraries

06.2021         Networks

09.2021         SAUTER Smart Home, the multi-purpose APP solution


Based on these very positive experiences we already scheduled the next training topics. We also always try to integrate any special wishes from our partners – so in case of special needs do not mind to ask us directly.

In APAC the next scheduled trainings are:

Friday Sales Learnday topic list:

08.2021         SAUTER BACnet for sales


Friday Technical Learnday topic list:

07.2021         BACnet concept, trouble shooting and BBMD

08.2021         OPC UA


In Europe/USA we planned following webinars:

01.09.2021         SVC – First steps Sauter Vision Center (Pre-requirements)

15.09.2021         SVC – Engineering with CASE Vision

29.09.2021        SVC – Before starting: Remark on ports, RDA installation, …

09.2021              ecos504 – DALI (Digital-Addressable-Lighting-Interface) integration

13.10.2021         SVC – Management Console: Creating project, licensing project, …

27.10.2021        SVC – Sauter Vision Center project management

10.11.2021         SVC – Basic modules: Document concept, dashboard, address list, alarms, charts, …

24.11.2021         SVC – Using SVC objects: Meter object, calculated object, virtual object, …

08.12.2021        SVC – Modules: Scenario manager, EMM module, Maintenance module, …

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