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Improve your visitors’ experience with SAUTER’s digital modules

24 March 2021 | Focus topics

Improve your visitors’ experience with SAUTER’s digital modules

Under normal circumstances, organisations welcome a number of different  visitors every day: customers, business partners, job candidates, etc. SAUTER’s digital modules offer an efficient overall solution to ensure that every visit is organised, fast and customer-friendly.

As soon as a meeting has been scheduled, the employees register the visit in the system. On one hand, this gives reception enough time to prepare for the visit. On the other hand, the visitor receives an appointment confirmation with a personal QR code for quick and easy check-in, as well as the option to automatically transfer the appointment to his/her personal calendar. Even more information is provided, such as parking facilities and orientation on site, is also provided.

The visitor can then check in independently or use the QR code to register at reception. The tedious recording of personal details is no longer necessary, as these are already stored in the system via the visitor pre-registration. After successfully checking in at reception, the visitor can move flexibly within the areas approved for them. Digital services, which they can use via their own smartphone (BYOD), help them to do this. For example, they can use these services to access useful location-based information, such as emergency numbers, help with orientation via indoor navigation, and tips on finding the cafeteria or the nearest lift via the “Around me” function.

By mapping all organisational steps of a visit via digital modules, there is much less work to do for reception and the company retains an overview and control of visitor movements. The digital system can also be used to regulate access authorisations using Mobile Access, keep visitor lists, and check the visitor’s compliance with safety regulations. Access authorisation is automatically withdrawn at the end of the visit.

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