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modulo 6 modules for Modbus and M-Bus

7 December 2022 | Media releases

modulo 6 modules for Modbus and M-Bus

The modulo 6 building automation system combines building technology and digitalisation trends into a secure overall system. New communication modules for Modbus and M-Bus complement the product portfolio of SAUTER. The modular concept allows up to five modules to be connected, thus enabling the integration of numerous external systems and measurement data.

The new modu620-CM and modu630-CM modules are plug-in components for expanding the modulo 6 automation stations. They support the Modbus and M-Bus communication protocols and up to five communication modules can be connected to each automation station.

Systems such as chillers and air conditioning units can be connected using the globally established Modbus communication protocol. The M-Bus module for reading electrical and heat meters supports the operation of up to 80 standard loads. The power supply is ensured via the automation station.

BACnet forms the backbone of the modulo 6 system and with the new modules, all interfaces to the common communication protocols for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy are catered for.

modu620-CM: The Modbus/RTU communication module

  • RS-485, half-duplex, galvanically isolated interface for Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII
  • Modbus master with up to four Modbus communication profiles
  • Connection to external systems such as PLC, chiller, meter etc.

More information can be found on the product page

 modu630-CM: The M-Bus communication module

  • M-Bus (EN 13757-2), galvanically isolated interface and RS-232 point-to-point connections
  • M-Bus master with up to four M-Bus communication profiles
  • Connection to M-Bus meter networks for integration of heat meters, electric meters, etc.

More information can be found on the product page

 The new standard in building automation

The SAUTER modulo 6 system generation combines long-established building technology with digitalisation.

It meets the requirements of today’s building automation:

  • Integration of building technology
  • Impressive performance
  • Intuitive operation
  • IoT and cloud integration
  • Security by design
  • Investment protection

Building automation provides a comfortable, healthy indoor climate with minimal energy consumption. Nowadays, this does not only require powerful processors and large data volumes but it also has to be user-friendly from an operation and engineering point of view. modulo 6 embeds itself seamlessly into the Internet of Things (IoT) and uses cloud technology. Integrated security measures such as BACnet/SC, network separation, encrypted communication and a data integrity solution using blockchain technology protect the system from IoT vulnerabilities – that’s security by design.

The high availability of system components is fundamental to meet today’s fast-paced technological trends.  Modernisation of existing systems and efficient commissioning without interrupting operations make a significant contribution towards protecting investments. To this end, many buildings in different sectors have already been equipped with modulo 6.

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