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Web server for moduWeb Vision and moduWeb500 BACnet networks

EY-WS 500

How energy efficiency is improved

Monitor the operation of your building and recognise optimisation potential, wherever you are


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family

  • Visualisation and operation of facilities

  • Facilities operated via internet using a standard web browser

  • Online notification via e-mail and text message

  • Recording of historical values and alarms

  • Time and calendar functions (BACnet Schedule Client)

  • Visualisation either in lists, dynamic images or diagrams

  • Engineering/parametrising via PC using CASE Suite

  • Communication with web client via standard HTTP protocol

  • Secure communication with web client via encrypted HTTPS protocol

  • Communication with mail server and SMS gateway via standard SMTP

  • Communication with file server via standard FTP or encripted SFTP protocol

  • Communication with automation devices via BACnet/IP and BACnet web services
    (EN ISO 16484-5)

  • Integrated firewall

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