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Thermal actuator for unit valves with stroke indicator

AXT 201, 211

How energy efficiency is improved

Reliable actuation in efficient control systems


  • Fitted to the valve using no force thanks to the Low-Force-Locking (LFL) connector

  • Fitted onto valve with M30 x 1.5 thread with automatic adjustment of closing dimension

  • Pushing force max. 125 N

  • With 230 V or 24 V thermal expansion element

  • Large visible position indicator

  • NC “normally closed” and NO “normally open” models (with and without auxiliary contacts)

  • Model with manual adjustment

  • Silent and maintenance-free

  • Modular electrical plug connection (various functions, cable lengths and types)

  • Including bayonet nut made of plastic M30 × 1.5

  • Suitable for retrofitting existing installations without an adapter

  • Fitting in any position, including upside down

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