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Rotary actuator with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT) for ball valve

AKM 105S, 115S

How energy efficiency is improved

Automatic adaptation to ball valve, precise activation and high energy efficiency with minimal operating noise.


  • For operating 2- and 3-way ball valves VKR, VKRA, BKR, BKRA, VKAI, VKAA, BKLI, BKTI, BKTA, (AKM115S) and 6-way ball valve B2KL

  • For controllers with constant output (0…10 V) or switching output (2-/3-point control)

  • Assembly with ball valve without the use of tools

  • Stepping motor with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT) electronic control unit

  • Electronic force-dependent motor cut-off

  • Automatic recognition of applied control signal (continuous or switched)

  • Coding switch for selection of characteristic and running time (35 s, 60 s, 120 s)

  • Type of characteristic (linear/quadratic/equal-percentage) can be set on the actuator

  • Direction of operation can be selected directly on the cable

  • Maintenance-free gear unit

  • Gear unit can be disengaged in order to position the ball valve manually (using the lever)

  • Bracket and bayonet ring made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for fitting onto ball valve

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Rotary drive f. ball valve24V;0-10V;90°=35/60/120s

Rotary drive f. ball valve24V;0-10V;90°=35/60/120s

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