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Digital Services – Remote Management

YCS 451...453

Comprehensive service options – fast and efficient

Remote Management is the ideal solution for active and immediate provision of services related to building automation, energy management, associated IT infrastructure and software applications. Service staff from external service providers as well as building operators and facility management benefit from the comprehensive and efficient service options through direct access to decentralised systems and applications. This means that faults can be rectified more quickly, maintenance and services can be carried out more efficiently and extensions and adjustments to applications can also be made remotely.

Remote Management is a service of the SAUTER Cloud. It not only enables users to authenticate themselves via a browser and Windows client, but also establishes access to the local systems with secure connections via various protocols.


  • Secure access to decentralised systems and applications

  • Two-factor authentication via e-mail or SMS

  • Fully transparent and secure network connection via browser and Windows client

  • Remote access:

    • To applications such as SAUTER Vision Center or moduWeb Unity (via http/https)

    • To PCs and servers and their applications (via RDP/VNC)

    • Via VPN tunnel (Layer 2):
      The local PC appears in the remote network structure (use of all engineering and network tools from the local PC in the remote system)

  • Rights administration with user and group management for the assignment of rights for individual systems and buildings, right up to distributed properties


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