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High-speed rotary actuator with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT) for ball valve

AKM 115S F152

How energy efficiency is improved

Automatic adaptation to ball valve, electronic cut-off, precise activation and high energy efficiency with minimal operating noise


  • For operating 2- and 3-way ball valves VKR, VKRA, BKR, BKRA, VKAI, VKAA, BKLI, BKTI, BKTA and 6-way ball valve B2KL

  • For controllers with constant output (0…10 V/4…20 mA) or switching output (2-/3-point control)

  • Assembly with ball valve without the use of tools

  • Brushless motor with electronic activation and cut-out

  • Intelligent adaptation of rotation angle, incl. feedback adjustment

  • Electronic force-dependent cut-off

  • Direction of rotation selected with DIP switch

  • Pulse length correction in 3-point operation, i.e. internal adjustment of start-up time

  • Gear unit can be disengaged in order to position the ball valve manually (using the lever)

  • Maintenance-free

  • Free configuration using the CASE Drive PC tool

  • Bracket and bayonet ring made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for fitting onto ball valve

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