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Frame for device inserts with 55 × 55 mm fitting dimensions

Frame for device inserts with 55 × 55 mm fitting dimensions

How energy efficiency is improved

The new room operating units of the SAUTER EY-modulo 2 ecos and EY-modulo 5 ecos families of devices, as well as the EGT 33* and viaSens room sensors, enable fitting in standard frames from a variety of light switch manufacturers due to their standard installation dimension of 55 x 55 mm. The frame can be selected for the surface or recessed fitting method, as well as for its colour and design. In this way, the SAUTER devices can be matched to the architecture and the individual design requirements for the room while also contributing to maximum energy efficiency in the room control.


  • Accessory components for SAUTER device inserts with 55 × 55 mm aperture

  • Suitable for ecoUnit 1 room operating units EY-RU 1** and EY-SU 106

  • Suitable for ecoUnit 2 room operating units EY-RU2**

  • Suitable for ecoUnit 3 room operating units EY-RU 3** and EY-SU 306

  • Suitable for EGT 33* room sensors

  • Suitable for viaSens room sensors

  • Adhesive plate for smooth surfaces

  • Surface and recessed mounting

  • Adaptation to the GIRA series: Standard55, E2, Event, Esprit

  • Adaptation to the Jung series: LS990, A500, A plus, A Creation, CD500

  • Adaptation to the MERTEN series: M-smart, ARTEC, M-Plan, M-ARC

  • Adaptation to the Busch-Jaeger series: Future, Future linear

  • Adaptation to the Berker series: B.1

  • Adaptation to the Feller series: EDIZIOdue

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