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Electronic room thermostat for heating and heating/cooling with display

TRA 410, 421

How energy efficiency is improved

Individual, optimised energy use through precise adherence to setpoints


  • Electronic room thermostat for 24 V or 230 V for heating or heating/cooling with display

  • Easy to read LCD with backlight on TRA 421

  • Silent-switching Triac output (24 V types)

  • Easy to wire up

  • NTC sensor

  • Time programme and pilot clock output integrated in TRA 421

  • Optimised time programme for comfort control and energy saving

  • Input for lowering the room temperature (TRA 410)

  • Input for heating/cooling changeover (TRA 421)

  • Input for external temperature sensor

  • Cooling lock function on versions for heating/cooling

  • Integrated “NC” and “NO” changeover

  • Modern design with ergonomic setpoint adjuster

  • Restriction of temperature setting range

  • Automatic frost protection facility at 5 °C and valve protection facility

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