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Control valve with flange connection, PN 6

MH32F, MH42F

How energy efficiency is improved

Supply from both sides and the linear characteristic enable energy-efficient working

Areas of use

Continuous control of the supply temperature in heating systems in which a certain loss through leakage is desired.


  • MH32F: 3-way valves with nominal diameters DN 20…150

  • MH42F: 4-way valves with nominal diameters DN 32…50

  • Can be combined with the ADM 322 and ASM 105, 115, 124 motorised actuators

  • Manual adjustment via lever

  • Body made of grey cast iron; brass gate

  • Spindle made of brass up to DN 25 and stainless steel from DN 32

  • Stuffing box with double O-ring guarantees the tightness of the seal at the spindle

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