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Communication module with M-Bus and EIA-232 interfaces, modu731

EY-CM 731

How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER EY-modulo 5 technology: modular, fast and universal


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo system family

  • Plug-in element for extending the modu524/525 automation station (AS)

  • One or two COM modules per AS

  • EIA-232 interface for point-to-point connection with an M-Bus level converter

  • Two-wire M-Bus network (as per EN 1434-3)

  • Connection to M-Bus meter networks for up to 200 meters (heat meter, electricity meter, etc.)

  • Recording counting values at automation level allows optimum control and regulation of systems and offers the option of using BACnet/IP communication at the management level.

  • Without external power supply: up to 10 M-Bus meters

  • With external power supply: up to 50 M-Bus meters

  • D-Sub plugs (9-pin, male, DTE) for connecting to external M-Bus level converter

  • Direct labelling on the front

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