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Air-volume adding relay

RXP 101

How energy efficiency is improved
For the reliable and demand-led control of air in laboratories.

Areas of application
Synchronisation of room air in laboratories, can also be used in Zone 1 potentially explosive areas.


  • Maximum of 4 inputs for actual values
  • Easy adjustment of exact partial air volumes using adjusters
  • Suitable for use in areas at risk of explosions in zone 1 II 2 G T6
  • Conformity tested as per EN 13463-1 and EN 1127-1 (Ex zone II 2 G T6)
  • Compressed-air connections with Rp 1/8" female thread

Technical description
  • Supply pressure 1.3 bar ± 0.1
  • Four inputs for:
    • room return air
  • One output for:
    • command variable signal for supply-air controller
  • Setpoint adjuster for weighting partial volumes and setpoint adjustment ΔV


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