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2-way regulating valve for dynamic hydronic balancing, PN 25, Valveco compact

VDL 010...050

How energy efficiency is improved

Automatic dynamic hydronic balancing with the SAUTER Valveco compact regulating valve provides a correct supply to the downstream consumers and a reduction of temperature variations in the room, so that the use of energy is more accurate and more efficient.


  • Regulating valve with three functions: Control, preset maximum volume flow, automatic flow regulation

  • Range 30…11500 l/h

  • Easy to preset the max. required volume flow

  • Versions with and without pressure measurement nipple

  • The valve is closed when the spindle is moved in

  • Closing procedure against the pressure

  • Slight adaptation of the proven SAUTER actuator technology

  • Regulating valve with male (DN 10…DN 32) or female thread (DN 40 and DN 50) as per DIN EN ISO 228-1

  • Flat-sealing regulating valve

  • Differential pressure across the control unit is kept constant; valve authority 1

  • Valve body and plug made of dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass

  • Stainless-steel spindle

  • Temperature range of medium 0…120 °C

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