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2-way cut-off ball valve with female thread, PN 40


How energy efficiency is improved

Efficiency means precise cut-off with minimum leakage


  • 2-way cut-off ball valve for use in closed circuits in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • As a cut-off device and control unit for 2-point control in combination with valve actuators AKM 105(S), 115(S), 115SA and AKF 112, 113(S)

  • Fast cut-off in six seconds with the AKM115SF152 valve actuator

  • Low torque due to collar mounted on O-ring

  • Ball valve with female thread as per ISO 7/1 Rp

  • Body made of dezincification-resistant cast brass

  • Ball made of dezincification-resistant brass, chrome-plated and polished surface

  • Strainer and screw fitting available as accessories

  • Water quality as per VDI 2035

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