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Flanged PICV ANSI 125

Flanged PICV ANSI 125 (to be combined with SAUTER Actuator AVM215SF132-7/AVM234SF132-7)

Frese OPTIMA Compact pressure independent balancing & control valve (PIBCV) is used in heating and cooling systems in applications with Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams, Air Handling Units, Heat Exhangers or Mixing Circuits.


53-1241 Optima DN65 (2 1/2″) ANSI 125 Low Flow P/T
53-1251 Optima DN65 (2 1/2″) ANSI 125 High Flow  P/T
53-1242 Optima DN80 (3″) ANSI 125 Low Flow P/T
53-1252 Optima DN80 (3″) ANSI 125 High Flow P/T
53-1243 Optima DN100 (4″) ANSI 125 Low Flow PT
53-1253 Optima DN100 (4″) ANSI 125 High Flow PT
53-1244 Optima DN125 (5″) ANSI 125 Low Flow PT
53-1254 Optima DN125 (5″) ANSI 125 High Flow PT
53-1245 Optima DN150 (6″) ANSI 125 Low Flow PT
53-1255 Optima DN150 (6″) ANSI 125 High Flow PT


  • The presetting function has no impact on the stroke; Full stroke modulation at all times, regardless the preset flow
  • Regulation characteristic remains unchanged regardless of preset flow
  • The constant differential pressure across the modulating control component guarantees 100% authority
  • Automatic balancing eliminates overflows, regardless of fluctuating pressure conditions in the system
  • Motoric actuator 0-10 V and 3 point control
  • Differential pressure operating range up to 116 PSI
  • High flows with minimal required differential pressure due to advanced design of the valve
  • Small dimensions due to compact housing
  • Higher presetting precision due to stepless analogue scale




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