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ecos504 room controller

Room automation station, ecos504/505 (EY-RC 504/505)

Powerful function modules in the ecos504/505 integrate the regulation of the room temperature, lighting and sunshading to create a comfortable room climate with minimum energy consumption






  • Part of the SAUTER modulo 5 system family
  • Modular room automation station (AS) for up to eight rooms or eight flexible room segments
  • BACnet/IP communication (EN ISO 16484-5) as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • The ecoUnit 3 and ecoUnit 1 room operating units enable individual adjustment of the room climate
  • Optimises energy consumption thanks to presence function, window contact monitoring, demand-controlled ventilation, control of lighting and window blinds, and time-dependent setpoint specification
  • Function libraries for climate, lighting and sunshading
  • Expansion bus for remote ecoLink modules, ecoUnit room operating units and EnOcean wireless interface
  • KNX interface to connect KNX operating units, sensors and actuators
  • Integrated KNX tunnelling function (KNX/IP) for the commissioning of KNX with ETS
  • DALI interface with DALI bus power supply for the connection of DALI electronic ballasts (EB) and DALI sensors
  • Web-based commissioning tool for DALI network
  • SMI interface (SMI/SMI LoVo) for activating SMI motors for sunshading (window blinds, roller shutters)
  • Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning with SMI-easyMonitor
  • RS-485 half duplex, electrically isolated interface for Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII
  • Baud rate 600 to 115,200 bit/s with configurable RS-485 network resistors
  • Modbus master with up to four simultaneous communication profiles
  • Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning and monitoring with serial Modbus master tools
  • Physical M-Bus interface and RS-232 interface for external M-Bus level converters
  • Supports M-Bus baud rates of 300 to 38,400 bit/s
  • M-Bus master function with up to four simultaneous communication profiles
  • Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning and monitoring with M-Bus tools
  • Time programme and calendar function; data recording
  • Integrated moduWeb web server (EY-RC504F101 only)
  • Integrated (EYRC504F202 only) or licensable MQTT functionality (MQTT Broker / Client)
  • Engineering/programming using SAUTER CASE Suite (based on IEC 61131-3)
  • Integration into the building management system via BACnet/IP with Ethernet interface



Technical Data Sheet

Mounting Instructions

ecos 5 climate package Manual

ecos 5 sunshade solution Manual



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