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The room climate is a sub-area of room automation and influences the quality of living or the quality of work, performance and health. People spend most of their lives indoors and therefore great importance should be attached to the quality of the indoor climate. The indoor climate results from the optimal interaction of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and shading. Ensuring the optimal indoor climate is our core task. With the most modern and certified technology we can fulfil this task while meeting your requirements.

Air temperature

Indoor air temperature should be between 19 and 22 °C, depending on the room. SAUTER’s room temperature control units can be used to provide demand-based control for a pleasant room climate. Lighting and sun protection can be individually controlled using the room control unit.

Air humidity

If the air humidity is too high or too low, this can have negative effects on health as well as on building materials. Mould growth and health problems can be the consequences. The ideal relative humidity should be between 40 and 60 %. SAUTER products enable air humidity and temperature to be measured accurately while regulating the room climate precisely and energy-efficiently.

Air quality

Air quality is determined by, among other things, fine dust, microparticles, vapours, odours and the CO2 content. The lower the pollution level is, the better is the air quality. The CO2 content is the most important indicator. If the concentration of CO2 is too high, fatigue, concentration issues or even illness can occur. Furthermore, the air should not stagnate in the room but circulate in it. SAUTER relies on innovative CO2 sensors, which help to ensure that ventilation is tailored to requirements, thus guaranteeing optimum air quality.

The flexibility of SAUTER room automation creates optimum conditions for every room. Whether office building, hotel, hospital, shopping centre, school or museum: SAUTER adapts room automation individually to the use of space by each customer and each building project. The result is a holistic, tailor-made solution for integrating the indoor climate, lighting and sun protection.


Since 2014, a new certification applies which focuses on the health and well-being of people in buildings and it has developed standards for the indoor climate: The WELL Building Standard. This certification measures indoor air quality with the aim of reducing exposure to pollutants. SAUTER has already successfully certified several buildings in accordance with the WELL Building Standard. An important aspect of our work is to create a healthy and comfortable environment for our clients.

SAUTER not only provides the optimum room climate. We also offer standard and individual solutions for special requirements in the field of building automation and building management.

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