Product catalogue


Here you will find the SAUTER product catalogue as flipping pages E-Paper, can also be downloaded as PDF or E-Book.


SAUTER Catalogue

Cover picture SAUTER Catalogue

The new SAUTER catalogue leads you quickly to the right information and enables you to order products more easily. The catalogue has been laid out more clearly and logically, providing you with a better overview of the whole SAUTER product range. The various products are listed clearly in tables, which facilitates comparisons and makes it easier to find the right model for your particular requirements.


Please note that the chapters On/off controllers and Data capture have been updated and that they can be found in a new, separate sensor catalogue.


View catalogue

View sensor catalogue



Cover picture SAUTER E-Book

With its clear design, intuitive user guidance and practical functions, it’s available to you immediately as a free download.


Once you have loaded it to your tablet’s reader, you can use the SAUTER product catalogue anywhere and any time. It’s convenient and saves space. 

In contrast to the print version that you have to leaf through page by page, the search in the eBook allows you to find what you’re looking for in seconds using keywords or text passages.

You can enter your own “note” anywhere and mark any place that you want. 

Adjust the typeface and font size of the catalogue to your needs.


The navigation in the eBook is intuitive. You can jump to any chapter by clicking the symbol next to the product name .

Use the arrows to go to the relevant product. 

The back arrow simply returns you to your starting position.


If you are online, when you click the SAUTER logo  the SAUTER home page opens.



Download E-Book


Product data sheet collection

You will find the current collection of the SAUTER product data sheets here (English, German, French).


Devices with iOs (Apple)

Installing the eBook

Before you can use the eBook, you have to carry out a few basic steps.


1. Click “Settings”  and navigate to the “iBooks” menu item.

2. There you deactivate the “Full Justification” and “Auto-hyphenation” settings.





Call up the following link to install the eBook: Link

The following window opens:



3. Click “Open in iBooks”

The eBook opens in iBooks and is ready to read.


Important features


  • Tables and images can be opened in a separate window by double-clicking.
    Images in the separate window can be made bigger or smaller using the zoom function
  • After clicking a link, an option at the bottom left of the reader allows the user to go back to the previous page 
  • The  symbol can be used to adjust the font size as required.
  • The  symbol can also be used to activate the roll view, which prevents a break in the content of the eBook.
  • A search can be performed in the eBook using the  symbol.

Devices with Android (Samsung and others)

Installing the eBook

Call up the following link to install the eBook: Link



The file is downloaded.


1. Open the “My Files” app   .

You will find this either on the start screen or via the following button: 





2. Click the eBook file.
Google Books opens.

3. In Google Books, click the “UPLOADS” menu item.

NOTE: It takes a little time to process the eBook. Sometimes it helps to refresh the view. You can use the  symbol at the top right of the reader to refresh the view.




The eBook is now fully processed and can be read.




Important features

  • The content of the eBook can be made bigger or smaller using the zoom function.
  • To go from link destinations back to the starting point, the user must click the eBook briefly to make the menu appear. Then click the  symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • The  menu item is used to control the font size, brightness and other functions.
  • A search can be performed in the eBook using the  symbol.
  • The content of the eBook is opened by clicking  .