Better performance and less work with SAUTER vialoq ADM322

Better performance and less work with SAUTER vialoq ADM322

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Reliable, economical actuators are the essence of energy-efficient flow control. And now there is a new variant of the tried and tested rotary actuator from SAUTER with 15 Nm torque – the perfect solution, also for retrofitting projects.

Rotary actuators are used to activate control valves and butterfly valves in HVAC installations. What makes SAUTER rotary actuators so impressive is their easy handling and great performance at low energy consumption. The SAUTER range now includes a new model with 15 Nm of nominal torque and holding torque


Reliable and economical

Due to its robust construction and its maintenance-free transmission system made of plastic, the SAUTER vialoq ADM322 provides the highest level of precision. The actuator has a rotation angle of 90° (maximum 95°). The running time can be adjusted individually. The built-in synchronous motor with its electronic, load-dependent switch-off is extremely energy-efficient. To position the control and butterfly valves and make manual adjustments you simply disengage the transmission system, and with an operating noise of less than 30 dB (A), the device is pleasantly unobtrusive


Economical retrofitting

Installing the rotary actuator is quick and easy. With many adapters to choose from, it is easy to attach to the control valves of other manufacturers. So when you need to replace or upgrade a component of an HVAC installation, SAUTER retrofit rotary actuators are the perfect choice, providing excellent quality and very simple conversion. The direction of operation and running time of the components can be adjusted easily via a coding switch, and up to five actuators can be operated in parallel.


Great versatility

Modernisation projects in particular call for inexpensive and uncomplicated solutions. At the same time, reducing energy consumption, and thereby lowering operating costs, is also an important goal. The new vialoq ADM322 rotary actuator from SAUTER meets these demands, and universally compatible as it is, it can be integrated into practically any installation.


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